Skew Matrix Software to enhance OpenSceneGraph CAD support

Louisville, Colorado, April 2, 2007

Skew Matrix Software has been contracted to enhance CAD support in OpenSceneGraph (OSG) applications. This project not only allows OSG application users to load models from previously unsupported CAD file formats, but also enables display of extremely complex models at interactive frame rates. This project is funded by the US Department of Energy and Ames Laboratory, which is operated by Iowa State University (ISU).

To increase OSG's supported file formats, the project integrates Okino Computer Graphics' PolyTrans import capability with OSG. This work expands the supported file formats to include the vast array of CAD, animation, and DCC formats supported by PolyTrans.

CAD models can be extremely complex and composed of several million vertices. To view such models at interactive frame rates, Skew Matrix Software is modifying OSG to automate the use of OpenGL's occlusion query feature. This development improves application rendering performance by automatically culling unseen geometry.

The Virtual Engineering Research Group at ISU is the first to benefit from this work, which allows their clients to interact with complex Pro/Engineer CAD models using the OSG-based VE-Suite virtual engineering toolkit. Prior to this project, VE-Suite users had no practical way to view complex CAD models.

Distribution and licensing terms for the software are not finalized at this time. The work is intended to be open source, and should be available in Q3 2007.

About the Company

Skew Matrix Software LLC provides 3D graphics services, such as software development, developer training, and technical writing and editing. Skew Matrix Software specializes in 3D graphics software development using OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph.

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