Skew Matrix Software


Skew Matrix specializes in OpenGL development and scene graph technologies.

Skew Matrix is a proud sponsor of VISIONWALK.


Release announcement: osgBullet v2.0 released.

Skew Matrix supports Ames Lab's Simulation, Modeling & Decision Science project.

Release announcement: Audio, Physics, and Developer Tools for OpenSceneGraph.

Skew Matrix has received a 2010 R&D 100 Award for the osgBullet project.

R&D 100 Recipient

osgBullet v2.0 Released

Skew Matrix is proud to unveil the new release of the award-winning osgBullet open source software project.

3D Software for Maximum Performance

Skew Matrix specializes in high-performance 3D graphics software development using OpenGL and scene graph technologies. Our experience ranges throughout the entire graphics software stack, including applications, middleware, rendering systems, and device drivers.

Technical Writing and Editing Services

Skew Matrix offers a complete line of word services, from copyediting to finished document. We specialize in electronic print, manuals, trade articles, press releases, and presentation materials, and have experience in self publishing and a variety of publishing applications.

Open Technologies, Cross-Platform Solutions

Skew Matrix produces and contributes to many open source software projects, including osgBullet, osgWorks, osgAudio, OpenSceneGraph, and Bullet. Our cross platform software runs on Windows operating systems, Unix/Linux, and Mac OS X, and supports display systems from laptops and desktops to multi-display powerwall and CAVE environments.